Last week, a beautiful wedding photoshoot turned out to be a sodden experience. On Laguna’s Treasure Island Beach, the newlyweds were swept off by a giant wave while posing for the photoshoot


The video was captured by an eyewitness from Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach. He immediately called for help. The safeguards reached timely and rushed to the water to save the couple.

In the video, captured by a bystander, the couple was unaware of the waves. They had trouble staying afloat in their waterlogged clothing.

The video shows that the couple was carried safely out of the water and brought back to the shore.

The couple and the photographer have not been identified yet. But we’re sure that this photoshoot must be memorable for all three of them. For us, it’s a warning to avoid such scary photoshoot. There are a lot of unsafe wedding photo ideas that shouldn’t be entertained at all. One should know what they are dealing with and refrain from such dangerous experiences.

Fortunately, lifeguards were on hand to rescue the couple as this wasn’t some remote beach. Under different circumstances, things could have ended much more tragically.

By good fortune, no one sustained any grave injuries.