Guys, can you tell us one thing. How often do you see a mural on the side of the street that leaves you completely awestruck? In case, you have never seen such a mural before, you are going to see it today. This mural is made by a talented mixed-media artist, named Naomi Haverland. 

One thing that helps her make wonderful murals is her talent and style of mixing realistic portraiture with surrealist. She is a Florida-based artist and was commissioned by a firm in Tampa to create this art.

“I created the image of the tiger roaring flowers. It’s because I liked the idea of combining an image of something fierce and powerful with an image of something delicate and beautiful,” Haverland explains to us. “I added the sequins to make it look like a hand-collaged creation. I like to use images of crafting materials—such as googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and sequins. That’s a reoccurring theme in my artwork.”

Although the original concept of the mural was imagined for the interior of the store, Haverland changed plans when she spotted a large, empty wall space outside the building through Google Maps.

“When I arrived to do the mural and saw the wall in person, I was struck by just how large the wall was,” she continues. “I had to climb high on an extension ladder and create inventions, like a paintbrush on the end of a stick in order to get the paint high enough.

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Scroll down to see the pictures of the beautiful mural made by Haverland. 

Artist Naomi Haverland finished her largest outdoor mural.

She painted a tiger roaring a bouquet of flowers and gems, which is meant to convey empowerment and diversity.