Companies are always competing to stay ahead. Thus, they come up with the most innovative ideas for presenting themselves in front of their targeted audience. Also, they advertise across busy cities, like Tokyo, Japan as it helps them in generating more revenue. 

While billboard advertising always appears on the streets of Tokyo, this time it made it to the headlines. After all, it’s not every day that we get a chance to see a realistic, gigantic cat over the busiest railway stations in the world, right?

Recently, a hyper-realistic 3D cat has appeared on a billboard in Tokyo, Japan, and the videos of it went viral on Twitter

A few Twitter users had posted videos of the animal yawning, falling asleep, and basically just doing cat things

The giant lifelike “Shinjuku cat” is a 4K 3D moving image created by MicroAd Digital

To no one’s surprise, the adorable 3D cat went viral on the internet as people were quite fascinated by the unusual sight in the street

Due to a special curved 3D screen, the hyper-realistic installation can be seen at the east exit square of Shinjuku Station

The calico cat billboard airs between 7 a.m. and 1 a.m., as the video changes throughout the day

Here’s what the billboard looked like before the calico cat display appeared

The 3D kitten has attracted a lot of attention online and people on Twitter were quick to comment on this