Remember the golden game, Mario Cart? Who doesn’t? And what can be more exciting than getting to ride those carts by ourselves?

This is true. The Mario Cart racing is coming to Cincinnati in early 2019. The Mushroom Rally is coming to Ohio with pit stops in both Cincinnati and Columbus.

This Mushroom Rally originates from Australia and makes several stops on the way. There are 600 lucky participants, who dress up as their favorite characters. And only these lucky 600 get to ride their favorite Mario Cart in the Rally. So, what if you are the lucky one? And what if you actually win the race?

Source- Reddit

Each of the city winners gets to participate in the grand finale of the Mario Cart in Las Vegas. Tickets are extremely limited, and not everyone is that lucky.

Are you going to try your luck on the Mushroom Rally this year? Don’t worry, you won’t find any mushrooms or turtles on the way.