Guys, this story might break some of your heart but we want you to read this. It’s about a sweet dog that was tied with a rock and thrown into a freezing hour. This cute German Shepherd warrior was struggling for hours to break herself free and then something magical happened. 

Last year, on January 6th, Bella (this senior dog) was drowned in a river by her previous owners. Such an a**hole. Her only fault was that she had grown old. Scroll down to check out the entire story.

 The senior 10-year-old dog (at the time) Bella was cruelly left to drown

While struggling to stay alive before she was accidentally spotted by two dog-walkers, Jane Harper and her friend Joanne Bellamy

This is the size of a rock that was tied to Bella’s neck as the poor canine struggled to keep afloat

After rescuing the dog and getting her out of the water, Bella was immediately taken for emergency treatment at the local vet

She was later transferred into RSPCA care afterward

Maggie, one of Bella’s new owners, shared her side of the story with the press. Maggie said:

“We as a family have had three shepherd-type dogs over the last 30 years and really love them. We lost our rescue dog Tia/Luna two years ago and my daughter’s dog Flame this year. We did really miss them. Then we saw Bella’s story in the press a few weeks ago and the fact she needed a home, so my daughter, Clare Lusher, encouraged us to apply for her.

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We know she will need regular vet appointments and are willing to finance those. We know she is in her older years, but we just want to offer her a loving home she so deserves after all she has been through. We are both retired so she will have our company constantly, which is what she really needs, and it will be great for us too.”