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Gears Of War 5 News: Release Date, Gameplay, Story and More!

Gears Of War 5: Release Date And Other Details Here

Gears of War 5, the next installment will be out soon. Here’s all that we have got for you!

Gears of War previous seasons have been pretty violent and many are already familiar with the violent third-person shooting action. Sources reveal that the gameplay has become too predictable now as it is very repetitive. As The Coalition will take development duties away from Epic, Gears Of War 5  is expected to feature some amazing changes which will add spice to the game and make it more enjoyable.

Gears Of War 5 is expected to see some new in-game changes like new character types, new gameplay mechanics, new locations and a lot more.

Gears Of War 5: Release Date And Other Details Here

Gears Of War 5 : Development in the Game

Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that till now the changes are looking good with great development.  Spencer recently visited the developers in Vancouver to inquire about the development in the game. He was truly happy with the result.

The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson has made some voice-overs and he is completely excited that he can’t wait for his story to come out. The fans are even more excited about it.

The story of Gears Of War 5 will mainly focus on Kait Diaz, the female lead character. We already got her introduction in the previous season. Other characters will also accompany her including Del and JD.

Gears Of War 5 is set twenty-five years after the first trilogy ended, which focused on Marcus Fenix. The game will see Kait as fights The Swarm, the new enemy after the Locust. The viewers will see how the story unfolds.

Gears of War 5 Gameplay

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Written by Mitansha Chopra

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