Sometimes, it seems like people have lost their faith in humanity as most of us in this world have grown selfish. But then, people like Steven Rosales restore our faith in humanity. And they also teach us that we are capable of doing good for others without thinking about our share. Like how he has thought about the street dogs. 

He is a young man, and he works at a Texaco gas station in Masferrer. He not just loves dogs but also wants to take care of them. That’s why he is always ready to make the stray dogs comfortable during his break time. 

I just stopped by to refuel and asked who the person in the photo was. They tell me that the young man is called Steven Rosales and is always aware of the dogs. I looked for him and asked him if he would give us a photo. He told me that when they opened the gas station, he realized that the dogs were very cold, and he took the trouble to shelter them – Víctor Mauricio wrote on his Facebook account.