With the most hyped battle of the season already underway, Game of Thrones fans can hardly wait for the next episode. Episode 3 ended with several characters dying, fighting off the white walkers and defending the living from the undead.

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Game of Thrones Update: Who died onscreen?

Game of Thrones Update: Who died onscreen?Many of our beloved characters met their end right on the screen, so we are absolutely certain that we will never see again. These names include Edd, who died protecting Samwell Tarly, Beric Dandarrion who was protecting Arya, and Theon Greyjoy who was defending Bran Stark or the Three-Eyed Raven from the Night King. We also saw Lyanna Mormont, Melisandre, and Jorah Mormont meet their demise.

Them whose fate still remains uncertain

Game of Thrones Update: Who died in the Battle of Winterfell?But there were several fan favourites who were in the middle of fighting off wights and the others, so we cannot be sure if they made it alive or not. For example, we see Brienne of Tarth in the thick of a battle with the dead. It appeared that she almost got bit by one of them.

Jaime Lannister also fought with Brienne, but there was no sign of him at the end. We will have to wait to see if he made it alive. Ghost disappeared right at the beginning, and there was no sign of Greyworm either. The Hound, Podrick Payne, Davos, and Tormund are other characters whose fate is still hanging in the air.

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Catch the next episode of Game of Thrones on Sunday at 9 pm on HBO. For more Game of Thrones updates, stay tuned to HipToro.