Game of thrones season 8 episode 4 Jon Snow Ghost Twitter reaction

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 is the worst rated Episode in history of Game of Thrones. Jon Snow gathered the most resistance. It was highly criticised for several reasons. From illogical plot points to fast traveling, the episode made no sense. The only good part was the visuals and the relations of Hound with Arya and Sansa.

In the latest episode, Jon Snow left his pet, Direwolf forever. He didn’t even bid goodbye. Hell, he didn’t pet him on the head one last time! People have totally changed their opinions on Jon Snow. Snow is the villain in a way now. Memes featuring ghosts have been trending on Twitter ever since.

Jon Snow and Ghost Twitter Memes

Snow now rides a dragon. He doesn’t even care for Ghost who saved his life countless times. Jon just left Ghost with Tormund to go the North. The poor wolf fought even against the army of dead and was badly injured.

Fans want a Ghost Spin-off Show

#GhostDeservedBetter has been trending on Twitter. According to the fans, Ghost was the most loyal boy in the whole Westeros. People now want to see a spin-off series, featuring the adventures of Ghost and Tormund in the North.

Ghost is really sad

Some fans are genuine dog lovers. How could Snow just leave his pet, who was with from the beginning? Such fans now want him to lose in Game of Thrones because he didn’t pet Ghost.

While the anger is justified, the goodbye between Jon Snow and Ghost should have been more heartfelt. Game of Thrones now has just two more episodes remaining. They will decide the fate of Jon Snow and others. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for Game of Thrones Updates and other news.