The Game of Thrones opening credits has changed for the final season and it fits! Till season 7, the opening credits show the map of the seven kingdoms of the Westeros and has remained unchanged. But, now the credits have changed and they show the interiors of Winterfell and King’s Landing.

What has changed in the Game of Thrones opening credits?

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For all these years, the Game of Thrones opening credits scene has been very informative about the events’ sequence. So, we can hope that this new opening credits scene would also give us some useful clues and information. A new place was added to the opening credits, that is, the Last Hearth. This place is House Umber’s ancestral spot. In season 7, Jon Snow had pointed out that the White Walkers will attack this spot first if the Wall was destroyed. The last Hearth is ruled by a small boy called Ned Umber. He appears in the first scene of the first episode of season 8.

Importance of the new GoT credits scene

The appearance of the Last Hearth in the new opening credits of Game of Thrones clears up the confusion. It wasn’t clear that where did Tormund and Beric Dondarrion meet the rest of the Night’s Watch members. Well, now we know that it was at Last Hearth, where they find the terrifying message from the Night King. We see Ned Umber pinned to the wall of the castle. (Who else got chills from the shrieking scream?)

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The rest of the Game of Thrones opening credits focuses on King’s Landing and Winterfell. The characters have more or less come into the same places. Dany is no longer in Essos and the Wall has also fallen. Thus, we won’t be wheezing across the Westeros’ map. And it is highly likely that the events of season 8 will be set in two locations. The first episode was mostly shot in Winterfell and we just a few minutes of footage in King’s Landing.