Daniel Craig will wrap up his final role in the upcoming untitled James Bond movie, Bond 25. The Cake Layer actor has been very vocal in the past that he wants to step out from the James Bond franchise. Due to this the long-time producer of James Bond, Barbara Broccoli has reportedly been very active to seek a new actor who would helm the role of the iconic British secret agent.

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Many British actors have been speculated for the future projects of James Bond. The list of the actors includes Superman and Man From U.N.C.L.E. actor Henry Cavill and Pacific Rim and The Wire actor Idris Elba but according to the recent reports, the first choice of Barbara Broccoli is the former HBO’s favorite TV Show on planet Earth, Game of Thrones, actor, Richard Madden. Madden portrayed the role of Robb Stark who was killed at the red wedding. No one can ever forget “The Red Wedding.”

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After the death of Ned Stark, Robb became the new King in the North, and then he has been quite busy with quite some fantastic TV Series. Richard Madden has impressed the producer of James Bond, Broccoli with his new title role on the British drama Bodyguard on BBC.

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The rumors of Madden as the next James Bond are sourced anonymously, and this is the reason why they are unconfirmed. It has also been reported that Broccoli has made some plans to offer Richard Madden to portray the role of World’s famous super spy. Nevertheless, all the candidates who have been shortlisted to represent the character of James Bond have a viable chance to grab the role.

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Regardless of which actor will eventually get the part to part James Bond. The recruitment has to wait a couple of years as director Cary Joji Fukunaga, and Daniel Craig have to finish filming the Bond 25 which will be released on Valentine’s Day in 2020.