Happy Galantine's Day

Galentine Day is celebrated on every 13th of February. It is a day that marks the celebration of friendship but with the core of girl power.

Galentine Day-why is it celebrated

Galentine Day basically is all about strong women and their even stronger friendship. The holiday on the 13th of February is committed to celebrating the upliftment of women through these strong friendships.

It is in order to celebrate the girls who have been your support system always and who always will be during the thick and thin of life.

Galentine Day is also about appreciating all those women who perpetually inspire you to fight and be more.

Galentine Day-no ordinary cultural celebration

13th February, Galentine Day is not just an ordinary cultural celebration. It is a political statement.

Women all around the world encounter a lot of hardships and therefore the accomplishments attained by them are a must to be celebrated. These accomplishments are a source of inspiration to many.

Galentine’s Day celebrating female friendships and political power they hold
Galentine Day is abut acknowledging the friendship of all the girls in our lives Source: Grand Forks Herald

Galentine’s Day acknowledges the power of women and that when supporting each other anything is possible.

Hence Galentine Day is for all those millions of women across the globe to appreciate your girlfriends and the power the friendship among-st you all.

It is this friendship that keeps not just you all going but also the political world. Galentine Day is also about acknowledging the tenacity of girl power.

Galentine Day- the beginning

This day of girl friendship, the Galentine Day actually initiated as a fictional celebration in Parks and Recreation.

Leslie Knope (the role was played by Amy Poehler) celebrates the females in her life on the 13th with waffles and alcoholic drinks that are fizzy.

But this holiday concept soon found feet in the real world and thus the day came into existence.

Galentine’s Day celebrating female friendships and political power they hold
Galentine Day is about celebrating female friendships
Source: Wicked Solutions

Females across the globe started wishing each other through texts and cards. This soon became a tradition, celebrating the female friendship in your life.

So all you ladies across the globe, wishing you a very Happy Galentine’s Day. You are simply awesome and the way you have been supporting each of your girlfriends is beyond bounds of appreciation.

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