G League Offering ‘Professional Path’ to NBA for Prospects with $125K Contracts


    The NBA’s G League has come up with a new venture which will act as an alternative for the best American basket ball prospects. This comes as a move that would help to confront the NCAA’s monopoly on elite talent.

    The G League will present Select Contracts with a merit of 125 thousand US dollars to elite prospects as part of a newly shaped professional path that would be starting in the summer of 2019. They would be working with people who are eighteen years of age but not yet qualified for the draft of NBA.

    In order, to be eligible for the draft the NBA’s rule requires players to be 12 months removed from high school graduation but the G League acts as an alternative to the current system.

    For the players in the G League there is no obligation to abide by the NCAA restrictions. This gives the freedom for them to sign an agent of their choice or to sign marketing deals as brand ambassadors for companies.

    According to the reports on Tuesday, a total of 80 players will be receiving wellness and health training from professional teams. And an agreement has been reached between NBA, NCAA and National Basketball Players Association for it.

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