This weekend is for mothers, so let’s hand over the mic to them.

Whether your mother is a comedian in the family, or she could really use a laugh today, your family should find something in this list to lighten the mood.

We all have our own sense of humor, but there are some universal bits that only a mom can produce. Continue scrolling and check out the ones that stand out.


1. Please don’t make fun of it. I asked my mom to make me a cake for my 21st birthday.


2. “If I Birthed 6 Kids, I’m Gonna Get 6 Kids Out”. Emma saved her children from their burning home.


You don’t have to be a member of a long line of jesters to make humor work for you and your children. A break from the serious side of things can sometimes be used by parents to use joking as a distraction.

Moms and dads can calm down emotional situations with humor. Many of us don’t fully appreciate its potential.

Talya Stone is a former public relations specialist and the woman behind online journals. Motherhood: The Real Deal and 40 Now What, that allowing yourself to switch off and not make a big deal out of everything can be a real gamechanger.

“Life is so stressful, as can parenting be and humor is a powerful way of diffusing every situation in particular when your kids are driving you nuts and acting out.”


3. A Proud Look Of A Mother.


4. After escaping an abusive relationship, my mother found a little place. She just sent me a piece of furniture and I am so proud.


5. My wife likes to take a nap whenever possible. I can see where she gets it from after her mom and grandma come to town.


“The moment I learned not to take everything so seriously (or myself so seriously), I instantly became a better parent,” Talya Stone said.

Susan Newman is a social psychologist researching and writing about parenting concerns, family dynamics, and trends. She thinks that even though parental anger may seem like the right response when your child behaves badly, it runs the risk of putting a wedge in your relationship.

“Consider a thoughtful, humorous exchange: laughter or a joke, but one not made at your child’s expense in a way that demeans him,” Newman suggested in U.S. News. “Sarcasm and put-downs work against tightening your parent-child bond. Let’s say you send your child to his room or take your daughter’s cellphone away for two weeks. You are ultimately pushing a child away who already feels miserable because he broke a rule or your favorite bowl (or because he got caught). She’s stressed by the transgression that curtailed her privileges and may begin to harbor resentment toward her restricting parent.”


6. My mom gave me a teddy bear. It is one of the most valuable things I have ever owned.


7. Mom who helped her blind daughter graduate from law school received a degree for her effort.


8. My mom doesn’t know anything about memes.


9. Cones were put around the cat because his mom was worried someone would step on him.


That doesn’t mean that humor is always the best answer. “Anything that puts your child in physical danger or seems to put his academic or social standing at risk calls for a serious chat or imposing restrictions,” Newman highlighted.

A lighter approach reduces both the parent’s and the child’s stress. Why not use it?

“It can also keep a situation from escalating and reduce a child’s feelings of regret or remorse over having done something inappropriate. Most importantly, humor underscores that you love your child in spite of the immediate misstep.”


10. Moms Are Best.


11. My mom crocheted 42 blankets for sick children this year.


12. A mother giving everything to her daughter.

“My daughter has less than a year left to graduate from college. She studies business administration. She is good, smart, and eager to work. I still have 20 blocks left to finish my shift, but I remember my daughter and there is nothing to stop me.”


13. A year and a half after I was adopted, it took a year and a half. My mom and me.


Rod A. Martin, one of the premier researchers on the topic is certain that humor is important for both emotional well-being and relationships.

In his book, ‘The Psychology of Humor: An Integrative Approach,’ Martin points out, “Besides boosting positive emotions and counteracting negative moods like depression and anxiety, humor is thought to be a valuable mechanism for coping with stressful life events and an important social skill for initiating, maintaining and enhancing satisfying interpersonal relationships.”


14. My mom is giving me one of her organs (kidneys) tomorrow. She’s the best mom ever.


15. A mother gave out more than 200 goodie bags filled with candy and ear plugs to make sure her child wouldn’t get sick on the flight.

The gesture by the mother was touching, but kids expect the unexpected.


16. In My Mom’s Bathroom.


17. My mother made me a 39-year-old outfit.


Newman thinks it’s worth a shot to make something out of an already unpleasant situation for parents who are incensed by what their child has done. Moms and dads are invited to imagine these situations:

  • Your toddler throws something at the curtains before the company arrives.
  • The teenager was told not to take the car to the mall and he backed out of the parking space.
  • Your 7-year-old tried on every single one of your lipsticks and broke most of them in half.
  • The saw is only suitable for collecting dust or the trash now that your child uses it on a mystery, gooey surface.
  • You warn the kids not to play ball in the house. They cracked the living room window two minutes later.


18. A Very Awesome Mom.


19. A single mom dresses as a dad for her son’s day at school.


20. My mom has been on the front lines of a covid unit since March. She just got a shirt. I have not seen her light up like that in months.


On occasion, parents will lose it with their children. We can’t use it as an excuse every time we lose our temper.

Many everyday situations can be made funnier with a joke. If there is a chance, try to follow their lead and slip it in.