Fund the Wall GoFundMe campaign that started in the month of December last year was made for only one purpose. That was collection of economy for building the wall between Mexico-US.

This campaign was started by Brain Kolfage and some other Donald Trump supporters to raise at least $1 billion. They had started their collection through an official website and guaranteed that they could build the wall efficiently.

As of now, the fundraiser had collected $20 million for the wall. In an update by Kolfage, he showed his compassion for the wall.

I have a team consisting of experts in politics, construction, finance, and national security to solve any issues pertaining to the wall.

As funds are not been able to be raised Trump is now exploring new options for the Border Wall.
Trump is reportedly looking to the Pentagon to pay for the border wall. Credits: AOL

GoFundMe Campaign is Refunding

The fundraiser spokesman and Donald Trump supporter, Bobby Whithorne, made an announcement that there was a goal of $1 billion to be raised for the Fund the Wall campaign. But the goal was long gone.

He said,

The goal has not been achieved and this explains that refunds will be initiated.

Kolfage then updated the website of the campaign with the news of refund to every person who has contributed. But he also introduced another non-profit Florida based corporation.

This corporation would be having a look-alike structure and plan of Fund the Wall GoFundMe campaign. The organisation is called “We Build The Wall Inc.”

Kolfage also commented,

 The federal government is not going to accept our funds anytime soon.

Contributors have a choice to redirect their funds to this organisation or get a full refund. This was the reason behind that he made the announcement about his non-profit corp on the website.

The Go Fund ME campaign that was going to fund Trump's Border Wall fell too short of its goal.
GoFundMe campaign to fund for Trump’s wall falls down. Credits: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

GoFundMe Team:

“Fund the Wall” campaign page listed group of experts that is inclusive of Erik Prince founder of the security firm Blackwater,  Sheriff David Clarke former Milwaukee County sheriff. The list also has name of Steve Ronnebeck, whose son was murdered by an immigrant.

All the donors will be contacted for refunds through emails. Contributors can also check the campaign page for any assistance.

People not accepting refunds have to give their consent for fund transfer to that organisation. If consent not received, a refund would be initiated.

Source: Business InsiderReddit and AOL

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