Fujian Jinhua Integrated circuit Co Ltd is the maker of Chinese state-backed semiconductor, and has promoted itself as a national leader in the technology industry. The company scheduled a shift in such a manner that the locally made chips becomes the new change and ends imparting a huge pressure on imports basically from US.

Through an online, recent promotional pamphlet it was reported that the company stated “Chinese chips has arrived being a new era in the industry “ so that the talent in the chip industries can be attracted soon.

Chinese Chips

From a source it was reported that China used to depend upon the chip imports and 90 per cent of the import being attained by the localized production were intended by the numerous chip exports and their industrious work. Thus, emphasizing on the global workforce and their professionalism being harked from Japan, United States and South Korea.

It want to drive all the workforce to shift to new era- The Chip era which has been carried from China.

Now the mission is covering many problems reported from the sources.

On Thursday Fujian Jinhua and Taiwan-based UMC ( United Microelectronics Corp) were accused of industrial cloak and dagger activities by the U. S. Justice Department .

The charged was about the conspiration to stole the secret behind the trading from the U. S. based semiconductor company Micron Technology Inc. The charge was regarding the development of the memory storage devices and its research.

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In 2016, United Microelectronics Corp (UMC) has discovered new idea related to the development of memory-related technologies under a technology co-operation agreement for Chinese firm.

It all happened because the U.S. companies were stopped from distributing components related to hardware and software to Chinese firm, by U.S. Commerce Department. But it was soon reported by Taiwan that this halt is for temporary basis.

Fuijan posted on its website that it has given all weightage to the privacy and protection of IPRs and has never and will never stole any information and technology.

Source – Reuters, dailyhunt