Fuchsia OS Android

Google has been functioning on a modernist operating system known as Fuchsia OS. At the same time, it is not yet confirmed whether Google will permit Fuchsia to run on Android apps or not. Although, it is developing a special version of Android Runtime and allow Fuchsia to run for Android devices.

As per the rumors, Google is functioning on a new operating system known as Fuchsia OS. Detailed information, however, is unavailable. Google has shown confidence that it can replace Android transversely. The main vision of Google behind Fuchsia OS is to search giant when kept under wraps. Ultimately, Google is concluding Fuchsia with a dream to a new operating system.

According to the consolidated statement released by Hiroshi Lockheimer, Senior Vice President of Chrome, they have it all figured out. Overall, Fuchsia is not as ambitious as the claims suggest.

Fuchsia OS

What is Fuchsia OS?

Developed via Google in 2016, Fuchsia is a mystery open-source project. Have you heard of Zircon? User-Interface is currently running on Google Pixel Book. Sounds Interesting! The applications rely on Dart. It improves performance and graphical elements. In its current form, it can be run on Android Studio Emulator.

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Lockheimer’s Comments on Fuchsia OS

During a podcast with Android, Verge, and Chrome, Lockheimer stated otherwise. Tech enthusiasts are beaming with excitement to know more. Few people imagined this is a new android whereas others are thinking this is a new Chrome OS. Fuchsia is actually pushing top-notch art relevant to the operating system. In brief, this slightly differs from Android devices as there are no specific target hardware that produces Fuchsia package (.far file). This would probably help in installing the version of Android Run-time on any device.