Friendship Day 2019 Quotes Wishes

Friends are the best part of our life and every year we celebrate this bond with the closest people in our life. The first Sunday of August is called the Friendship day all over the world. Everyone wishes to their friends, gifts them a band and sends heartwarming messages. With the older messages getting clique, you need something new and fresh of this year.

Friendship day 2019 is on Sunday, August 4 and it is getting bigger every year. Even though one can’t meet each of their friends, but luckily we have the benefit of technology. Most of the friendship day wishes are given our phones via WhatsApp messages. Here are some of the best quotes and messages that you can share with your friends on WhatsApp and make them feel special.

Top Friendship Day Messages

Friendship Day 2019 Wishes Top Messages

Friendship has no bounds or limit, it is something that stays forever and I am lucky enough to have that bond with you.

Friendship is like philosophy, we can survive without it, but that life has no meaning to it.

Friends are those people who fill light in the darkness that surrounds your life.

Friendship is a kind of gift which always keeps you giving and asks nothing in return.

Everything else in life is temporary, only our friendship is permanent.

Friendship is the only relation which gets stronger with each and every fight that happens between two friends.

Friendship has no expiry date and its effect keeps getting stronger and stronger with time.

It doesn’t matter whether you have 100 friends or 1000, what’s important is to have a special bond which is enough with even a single friend.

They say mothers are a form of good, if that is true, then friends are nothing less than angels.

Best friends are not the ones who stay always with you, they are the ones who are always there for you.

There is no one in the world luckier than those people whose friends from childhood stay friends till their old age.