Looks like Friends is leaving Netflix at the end of this year, in contrast to, what was said earlier. Netflix fans will start the New Year on a sad note as they won’t be able to see their all-time favourite show from January 1st.

Friends being a part of Warner bros, will go into their version of Netflix, said Rich Greenfield, BTIG Media analyst, to the deadline. He also added that, as Warner Media launches its own SVOD service, content like friends would disappear.

Warner Media will definitely remove and retain its content from Netflix for its own SVOD service, as Disney did the same earlier for its own streaming service.

The founder of digital media consultancy CreaTV Media, Peter Csathy, in a separate interview, said that it would be a serious blow to Netflix if all the Netflix killers band together and take back their franchises.

Here is a surprising news for Friends fans out there. One of the famous dialogue of Friends, which led to the collapse of Ross and Rachel’s relationship, “we were on a break”, was not planned at first.

Ross and Rachel, being one of the best TV couples of all time, share their fame with Homer and Marge (The Simpsons), Bert and Ernie (Sesame Street) and Jack and Kate (Lost). It shocks us that the love journey of this couple was planned to go without friction.

Kevin S Bright, the executive producer, when speaking to Metro, said that it wasn’t planned that way when the show was planned initially.

It was implicit that the creators of the show didn’t want the couple to get back together and introduced many characters like Tag, Mona and Emily into the story. Let’s be thankful that their relationship ended on a happy note.

Source: joyscribe, nytimes


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