The amazing moment was caught on camera as the cutest thing imaginable.

But dolphins are so incredible, it breaks my heart!

Such exquisite, clever creatures.

Watch the heartfelt scene right here.

Teressa Cee, a Miami Warm cheerleader, took advantage of the opportunity to swim with dolphins in the crystal-clear waters off Blue Lagoon Island while she was in the Bahamas. Regardless of how little she knew, she was about to embark on an unforgettable experience.

Teressa wanted to spend time with the gorgeous dolphins that were about the boat, so she asked a friend to babysit her phone while she was in the water. Sadly, they lost control of their phone and it plunged into the Atlantic.

Teressa was beginning to feel awful since she thought she would never get her phone back when all of a sudden, something strange occurred. When the phone was seen, a dolphin dove to find it.

He not only located it, much to everyone’s surprise, but also returned it to Teressa, who was astonished at what she was witnessing. Teressa captured the amazing event on camera, and she later uploaded the images online.

The cetacean received a selfie with Teressa as payment for his good act.

Dolphins are simply incredible. These amazing creatures are stunning and highly intelligent.

They are social, which is great because they could one day rule the world. incredible creatures

I adore dolphins because they are such beautiful animals. They are incredibly intelligent and Mother Nature is amazing.