Ever since its debut in 2018, Netflix’s show You has captivated audiences with its gripping storyline. However, it seems that the series has also caused some unexpected confusion and chaos, as demonstrated during a live segment on Fox News.

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If you’re a Netflix subscriber, chances are you’re familiar with the highly popular drama series You, starring the talented Penn Badgley. The recent release of its fourth season has generated significant anticipation and buzz among fans.

In the show, aptly named You, we follow the intriguing journey of Joe Goldberg (portrayed by Badgley), a character who becomes fixated on various individuals, narrating his life with a constant reference to his obsession as ‘You’.

The Confusion

During a live segment on Fox News in 2021, host Laura Ingraham found herself caught in a perplexing situation as she discussed the topic of ‘wokeness’ in TV shows. Raymond Arroyo, the guest on the show, made a reference to Netflix’s You. He stated,

“I was watching an episode of You when measles came up.”

Laura Ingraham’s Stand

Ingraham, taken aback by the sudden mention of measles, quickly interrupted, saying,

“Wait, wait, wait. When did I mention measles?”

The ensuing exchange between Ingraham and Arroyo extended longer than expected, with Arroyo attempting to clarify that he wasn’t specifically referring to Ingraham and that there isn’t a Netflix show named after her.
You Season 4

Viral Moment and Rehearsed Scene in You

The confusion and interaction between Ingraham and Arroyo during the live segment went viral, rapidly accumulating millions of views as the video circulated online. To clarify matters, Ingraham later revealed that she and Arroyo had actually rehearsed the back-and-forth banter prior to going on air. In response to comedian Andy Richter’s comment about feeling like he wasted his life, Ingraham suggested that some liberals might not appreciate conservatives having fun.

Amidst the Laughter of Laura Ingraham

Even actor Penn Badgley, who portrays the main character in You, witnessed the chaotic scene unfold and quickly realized that it was a scripted bit. He commented,

“It’s gotta be a bit. Dude is committed, he actually made me lol, but watch how he waits for her to cut him off.”

The Exposure

Regardless of whether the segment was planned or spontaneous, it undoubtedly provided significant exposure for the show. Not “you” as in the viewers, but the intriguing series available for streaming on Netflix.