The Fortnite Twitter account, owned by the popular battle royale game, was hacked earlier today. Hackers broke into the account and left some.. rather absurd tweets. Reports are pointing out that the hacker was someone from within the Fortnite community.

Fortnite Twitter Account Hacked How
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Epic Games have since gained back the access to the account. The company has not released any official statement about the Fortnite Twitter account getting hacked. Here’s a closer look at what happened:

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Fortnite Twitter Account Hacked: What Happened?

Earlier today, a hacker gained access to the Twitter account of Fortnite. He posted some weird tweets and even tagged one of his accounts over there. Here’s what happened:

Fortnite Twitter Account Hacked Hacker Tweet
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Hacker Leaves Behind Weird Tweets on Fortnite Twitter Account

The hacker left behind some strange tweets. His first tweet read: ‘4PF SHIT GANG BIZ’.  Another of his Tweets read ‘Stuffs get a haircut’. A third simply said ‘Wyatt is cute.’

He also tagged one of his Twitter profiles over there, writing ‘follow @cal086 ya heard he’s the biggest boss.’

Fortnite Twitter Account Hacked Epic Games
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How did the Hacker Get Access to the Fortnite Twitter Account?

Reports point out that the hacker gained access to the Fortnite Twitter account by either logging into the Tweetdeck account of someone who was managing the account, or was present when Tweetdeck was open and unmonitored.

As of now, it is unclear if Epic Games is looking forward towards taking legal action on this hack. The account has since been regained and the tweets made by the hacker have been deleted without any statement from the company.

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