Fortnite Road Trip Challenge is one of the most trending missions in the game and players are loving it. As a part of the road trip missions in Fortnite Season 10, the first task is to find and destroy 10 stop signs. Even though it sounds easy, the task is very difficult and it takes hours just to find them.

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Luckily, we have researched and found the most probable places where you can get the stop signs. Here are the best locations to find the stop signs in Fortnite season 10, destroy them quickly and finish the mission.

Fastest way to find the Stop Signs

Fortnite Road Trip Challenge Best Locations

Fortnite Season 10 comes with all kind of new inter-dimensional maps and it could be a tough thing to find the stop signs in the huge area. The best location to find plenty of stop signs is Pleasant Park. There is a huge cluster of stop signs in the residential area near Pleasant Park to complete the task.

Fortnite Road Trip Challenge Stop Signs Map

In fact, if you reach Pleasant Park in Fortnite on time, all the 10 stop signs can be found therein a single sweep. The other best locations to find stop signs in Fortnite includes Mega Mall, Salty Springs, and Paradise Palms. The stop signs are usually near the roadside and pedestrians walking pavements.

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Catalyst Outfit for the Challenge

Catalyst Outfit

In order to start the Stop Signs challenge, one has to purchase the latest battle pass from the Fortnite store. Apart from that, the mission will only start once a player wears the catalyst outfit. Catalyst is the woman which is unlocked when we complete the first tier round in the Fortnite season 10 battle pass.

How to Finish the Mission?

Fortnite Road Trip Challenge Destroy the Signs

The Catalyst outfit in Fortnite season X comes equipped with a battle-axe which can be swung against the stop signs. In order to complete the mission, one needs to find and destroy a total of 10 stop signs and the mission is unlocked. The best mode to play the road trip challenge is ‘Team Rumble’ as it has less competition and destroying the stop signs is a bit easy.