Lewis Hamilton is one of the biggest stars of Formula 1 Racing and a figure admired by millions of fans all over the world. The five-time world champ started off with McLaren but later moved to Mercedes and has been there for quite a long time. However, now that he approaches the latter part of his career, he is hinting at joining Ferrari – and perhaps even a retirement soon.

Lewis Hamilton F1 Retirement
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Let us take a closer look at what’s up with Lewis Hamilton – is he leaving Mercedes for Ferrari and is he planning on retirement anytime soon?

Lewis Hamilton to Join Ferrari?

In one of his recent interviews, Hamilton had commented that he “look[s] very good in red”. While he says that for him, loyalty is everything, even adding that he has a long-standing love for the team where he has been for a long time. However, Hamilton also contemplated that before he retires, he doesn’t know what he might do.

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F1 Lewis Hamilton Retiring
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Many fans speculate that life might come back full circle and Hamilton will join McLaren to end his career – from where he started off. However, it appears that it might just be Ferrari where he ends up in the final days of his career.

Lewis Hamilton Teases Retirement?

Lewis Hamilton Retiring
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Commenting on an upcoming retirement, Lewis Hamilton said that “I’m not going to be racing forever.” Ferrari is desperate to get Hamilton on-board as the team hasn’t won a title since 2008! Could Hamilton don the red once before he hangs his boots for good? Stay tuned with us to know more on this!