The Brazilian-born transgender Rodrigo Alves broke the news on Monday morning that she will like to be now called as Jessica Alves. The 36 years old human Ken Doll TV star said that she is dreaming of becoming a mother.

She explained how she’d spent £55,000 on “feminization” surgery for having a baby. She told hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes that she has been developing herself as a person and as a human being.

Rodrigo Alves was born a transgender. Throughout the years’ everyone has known her that she was fighting the fact that she is a woman inside herself. Later she was questioned by Ruth about her love life to which she replied –

“First, is to love yourself. My priority is myself and my transition. I would like to have a child and like to have a baby. I visualise myself taking care of my baby and being with someone who loves me and accepts for me for who I am.”


Did Rodrigo Alves always know that she wanted to be Jessica?

Ruth then mentioned Jessica’s previous surgeries which were to become more masculine. Jessica answered that she always knew that she was a woman since childhood. I have been always playing with dolls and was in touch with her feminine side. She said

“I started cross dressing at home in secret. I would sit in secret in front of the television and nobody knew what I was trying to be a man. Me had a six pack, big arms.

I tried my best to be a male because I was born in this body. But I was very depressed and unhappy. I transitioned or  died, one or the other.’

The 60-year-old host Eamonn added –

“You’ve had face feminization surgery at a cost of £25,000, breast enlargement surgery. Your Adam’s apple was removed, then there were lower body feminization procedures including injections in your knees, your bottom, your hips your feet. That occurred over a course of five days in Brazil at a cost of £30,000.”

Jessica then mentioned that she needs three more surgeries to complete her transitions and then she will be over with her plastic surgeries. She said that there’s only so much a body can take.

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But she had to do it to reach the person she is today. What she is doing today is right for her. She also said that she is a very healthy person and doesn’t drink. She sleeps well and eats well. Her happy face which the world has seen is only from outside but now after the transition. Jessica claims she is happy from inside her heart.

Ruth asked further, ‘Where do you see yourself? Where would you like your life to go?’ Jessica willingly replied –

“I’m a very lucky person because I have an amazing family and couldn’t wish for a better family than mine. They give me presents and jewelry. My friends, very good long term friends, are not friends anymore. A lot of them can’t relate to the new me.”

Jessica explained how it will difficult for people around to accept her as a friend but she respects that. She will not be forcing anyone to be her friend.

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Transgenders are like everyone

When asked about whether Alves was having someone around while she was going through the transgender she replied –

“I don’t. I would love to but I don’t have any close transgender friends. It was a decision I made by myself with the help of my doctors.

I told my family and close friends. But the truth is, we don’t know transgender people. I think transgender people should be more recognised.”


Supporting the transgenders she said that we should see more transgender on TV, in film, in art. We are the same as others but we are born differently.

Eamonn said: ‘Jessica it’s lovely to meet you for the first time.’

Jessica replied – ‘My name on the social network is still Rodrigo but it should be changed today because I’m announcing my new name with you guys.’