Lionel Messi Retirement

Lionel Messi is no doubt one of the greatest football players, but with his growing age, he has lost the charm. The past few tournaments have not been good for Messi and he is not scoring any proper goals. On the other hand, his arc opposite Cristiano Ronaldo had been winning titles over titles. Both the fans and public of Argentina and Barcelona club are upset and angry over the poor performance of Messi.

People are now asking the question that why is Messi allowed in the team when he is of absolutely no use. It is time when Argentina should replace Messi with some capable player if they want to win the next FIFA World cup. Here are the reasons why Fans are angry over Lionel Messi and asking for his retirement on Twitter.

Argentina lost because of Messi

Argentina Lost due to Messi Retirement

Back in the year 2014, Argentina was in the FIFA world cup final against Germany and had the upper hand. They even got a penalty kick, but Lionel Messi missed it badly and Argentina lost the finals to Germany. Even in the 2018 FIFA world cup, Argentina was only able to win 1 out of the 4 matches and was knocked out of the tournament.

Messi and his team were not even able to score a single goal against the team of Croatia. Following the world cup defeat, Messi took a break and returned recently to the international matches. Even in that first match, Argentina lost badly to Venezuela by 3-1 and Messi could not score a single goal. All the previous matches are an indication that Argentina does not need Messi and he should retire.

Fans asking for Messi Retirement

Messi retire

One more reason that fans are angry over Messi is that he is only putting efforts in the league matches and not for his own country. Lionel Messi blames his transition from Barcelona to Argentina for his poor performance, which is not acceptable at all. Further, he thinks that the young players in Argentina are not sufficient and they need his guidance. While Messi wants to play as long as possible, fans over Twitter are asking for his retirement.