Black Lives Protests are ongoing with full swing. But some of these protests are resulting in abuse and harassment.

In a town called Bethel, Ohio witnessed a similar situation on June 15. A teenage BLM protester was harassed and allegedly assaulted by a group of grown men. The teenage girl was walking around with a sign in hand saying “All Lives Matter”.

What happened at BLM rally in Bethel?

A video was posted on Twitter by the teenager, Ryley Wrigglesworth. The video clearly shows that a group of men snatched the sign from the hands of the BLM protester. In one video it can be seen that people were shouting at the teenager an aggressively coming close to her face and pushing. No-one stepped in to help her or even to show their protest.

The woman behind the camera can also be heard saying: “He hit her.” The police officers can be seen looking at the situation but not intervening. In another video, a policeman directed her away from the grown men.

After these videos were released, people on Twitter supported Ryley and flooded her with overwhelming comments. Some of them even asked Wrigglesworth to file an official complaint.

Police action on the harassment

On Twitter, people immediately identified him as Johnnie B. Devault. Later, on Facebook, police issued a press release asking the public where he is stationed.


At another counter-protest on Thursday, another rally was overwhelmed by the biker gang that seemed to have been involved in harassing Wigglesworth.

According to The Sun, there were around 10 incidents in total amid demonstrations on June 14, the Village of Bethel said in a statement.

The protests are unfurling in the USA and along with that, the harassment continues. Some of the protests are silent and peaceful but some are violent. These protests are demanding an end to police brutality and racism which has its roots more powerful than ever.