Speaking more than one language is a wonderful thing. It’s because it helps us express ourselves in a better way. While people all over the world speak different languages, English surely is a winner in the list of the most spoken languages worldwide.

Although speaking more languages feels good but sometimes, it can lead to occasional misunderstanding. This one man’s tweet sparked quite a discussion with some unexpected twists and a reminder that the USA actually has no official language.

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A Twitter user was approached by a lady who told him to “speak English, we are in San Diego,” and so he asked how to actually say ‘San Diego’ in English

The post went viral with nearly 770k likes and exploded with comments regarding the short but powerful story told by @ArtyCurry

Not so much of a surprise, but there are many Spanish language speakers in the USA

The post comments had quite a few examples of similar situations that happened to people

This girl shared that she can’t wait for someone to challenge her with the language point

Many people who speak other than English as their native tongue tend to be bilingual, and so do their kids

English is just one of the languages in the USA, as there is no official language

So saying ‘it’s America, speak English’ is unjustified

Other users expressed that people should mind their own business

Since the viral post that started the discussion was set in San Diego and questioned the origins of the name, this user stepped right in

On a serious note, these people decided to explain the origins of ‘San Diego’

In some comments, pictures spoke for themselves

And for all of the monoglots and polyglots out there, this person brought up some of the history and geography surrounding the region

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