Five Black Coaches Fired from the NFL Outrages the Sports Media

It looks like some kind of racism is surfacing in NFL. At the beginning of the 2018 regular season, there were seven head coaches who were black. But now, that number has shrunken to two.

Who all are out?

The coaches who have been sacked are Denver’s Vance Joseph, Cincinnati’s Marvin Lewis, Tampa Bay’s Dirk Koetter, Miami’s Adam Gase, Arizona’s Steve Wilks and the Jets’ Todd Bowles. Cleveland’s Hue Jackson was also sacked during the season.

Out of these, Jackson, Lewis, Bowles, Joseph and Wilks are all black. Jackson highlighted the fact that the NFL is especially picking out black coaches and sacking them. And since then, the media went a little too dramatic on this. Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report made sure to mention the words “five black coaches” in his official tweet.

Todd Bowles is one of the seven coaches who were fired
Source- Sporting News

The Undefeated, a media network of ESPN posted a video on its twitter handle showing Black Panther turning into dust. This was an analogy to how the black coaches are being fired by the NFL.

The diversity in the NFL

Jim Trotter of tweeted how these firings are demolishing the diversity which used to exist in the game. NFL has now two black coaches and one more minority coach, Ron Rivera, who is a Puerto Rican.

In the past, the NFL has taken up major steps to promote diversity in the game. In 2003, a rule was put into action which said that every team should take interviews of minority candidates for senior posts.

But Trotter once pointed out that a team can be forced to take an interview, but it cannot be forced to hire somebody, just on ethnic background.

67% of the players in NFL are Black, as per reports
Source – Vox

One more thing which must be considered is that all the coaches are fired because of their poor performance. So, is the media outrage justified on any ground?

Source- Breitbart, Sporting News, Total Pro Sports

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