First ever vaccine for Malaria released

    Malaria: first ever malarial vaccine launched in Africa

    Malaria is an acute febrile disease. This is caused by a parasite Plasmodium. It is caused by the bites of female Anopheles mosquitoes. These are also known as the “malarial vectors.” Malaria is a life-threatening disease. This is because almost half of the world’s population is at risk of it, according to WHO, for 2017.

    Moreover, malaria cases are most prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa. There are also groups that are at higher risks. Infants and pregnant women are amongst them. However, WHO has launched the first malaria vaccine. This was in Africa. The vaccine comes as hope to the population there. Learn the full story here.

    Malaria: WHO launches the first malarial vaccine in Africa

    WHO recently launched the malaria vaccine in Africa. This is the first vaccine ever. The launch took place in Malawi and this is a part of the pilot program. It is basically to protect thousands of children against malaria.

    These children are mostly below five years of age. RTS is the first vaccine against the world’s leading killing disease.

    Malaria: first ever malarial vaccine launched in Africa

    Malaria: first ever malarial vaccine launched in Africa
    Source: Histerius

    The vaccine has taken almost 30 years in making. According to WHO, the vaccine reduces malaria. This is specifically in children.

    In the trial sessions, the vaccine was very effective. It could cure 4 out of ten cases. This includes three out of ten severe cases.

    Where will it be available?

    Malawi becomes the first country in Africa to get the vaccine. This is out of the three countries. The vaccine is now available to children who are below two years of age.

    Malaria: first ever malarial vaccine launched in Africa

    Sub Saharan Africa will be greatly relieved by malarial vaccine
    Source: WHO

    However, the plan is to make it available in other countries as well. Ghana and Kenya will be the next one. They will have vaccine supplies within a few weeks.

    This is an outcome of public partnership program. Moreover, it is in coordination with the WHO. The vaccine is a complementary malarial tool. It is now surely added to the core package. And this package is recommended by WHO.

    Soon the vaccine will be available in the entire world.

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