First Commercial Quantum Computer Unveiled by IBM

    IBM is stepping out of its comfort zone and takes bigger risks
    Tech Crunch

    IBM astonished every single tech geek with its Commercial Quantum Computer

    At the Consumer Electronics Show of 2018, International Business Machine has announced the first generation of a commercial quantum computer for utilizing right outside the lab.

    The 20-Qubit system unites into a single package, the quantum as well as standard computing parts which it takes for using a machine for business and research applications.

    IBM reveals its first commercial quantum computer


    The package is called IBM Q system is relatively very huge, well this is quite obvious.

    However, it includes every single thing which a company is going to need to begin its experiments on quantum computing, which also includes all of the machinery that is essential for cooling down the hardware related to quantum computing.

    How efficient is the world’s first commercial quantum computer?

    International Business Machine describes the commercial quantum computer as a complete integrated universal quantum computing system which is specifically designed for scientific as well as for commercial use.

    It is also worth stressing that the 20-Qubit machine is not quite powerful enough for most of the commercial computer applications which the people are currently envisioning as far as a quantum computer with quite a hefty Qubits is concerned. On the other hand, these Qubits are also useful for over 100 microseconds.

    It is not surprising that IBM is stressing this is just the first and the foremost attempt of building an efficient quantum computer. IBM also emphasized the fact that these systems are designed to the complications or the problems which are currently viewed as exponential in nature as well as incredibly complex for the classical methods to work out.

    CES 2019: Did IBM just reveal first commercial quantum computer?


    IBM has stated that they aren’t quite there yet; however, the company also notes that these quantum systems are easily upgradable and at the same time they are easy to maintain.

    Behold the greatness of IBM Q System One

    By the looks of it, IBM Q System One is a significant step that comes forward to commercialize the quantum computing. As ststed by the director of IBM Research and senior vice president of Hybrid Cloud computing, Arvind Krishna.

    Arvind Krishna has revealed that the latest system plays a pivotal role in expanding the quantum computing. It is beyond the walls of the research lab as they work to develop practical quantum applications meant for science and business.

    IBM is allegedly very proud of the designing of its Q systems. This is a move which hearkens back the supercomputer of the Cray along with the expensive couches. IBM has reportedly worked with Map Project Office as well as Universal Design Studio.

    IBM’s quantum computers (like this one in Milan) are sensitive machines.

    The Verge

    IBM Q System One is yet to come into mass production

    If people want to buy themselves a quantum computer, then all they have to do is work for IBM. The quantum supercomputer will not be available with the free home delivery two-day shipping on the e-commerce site Amazon.

    IBM has also partnered with IBM Q Network along with ExxonMobil and significant research lab such as Fermilab and CERN. IBM will build a community which the research and business together that will explore the use of cases meant for quantum computing.

    Source: TechCrunch, The Verge

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