Final Fantasy 7 remake release date

Final Fantasy 7 was such a widespread success, which inspired the upcoming generations of how rich and vivid storylines a game could have.

Final Fantasy is such a nostalgic name which brings so many memories of our lovely childhood. First released in 1997, it was one of the earliest games to be played on Sony PlayStation.

Square Enix, the maker of the Game, announced retelling of the original Game called Final Fantasy 7: Remake long back in 2015 and now it looks like we are finally closer to play the game again in today’s high graphics and evolved gaming technology.

Final Fantasy 7: Remake Trailer

PlayStation just released a new teaser trailer for Final Fantasy 7: Remake giving us first look at the Gameplay, Characters, Cut Scenes and much more. The Game is specially designed for PS4 and further details will come out soon in the next month of June.

The trailer showcased the Journey of our Hero Cloud Strife who goes on a search for Sephiroth, his arch-nemesis who is hell-bent on destroying the world. It also featured Cloud’s love interest Tifa and the high tech soldiers of the evil megacorporation, The Trailer was received positively and Fans are loving the new Character designs and Gameplay Action.

Storyline and Episodic Gameplay

One of the major reason for the popularity of Final Fantasy Game was its amazing storyline and character development, which is why it is called Final Fantasy 7: Remake to establish it will have the same story.

We are not going for a shot to shot remake, there will be some alteration based on this generation of players. It doesn’t mean that we will change the whole game, we are trying to make something fresh, new and unique.

It has also been revealed that the Game will be launched in a series of Episodes, the storyline was so rich, they decided not to cut any part. Currently, they are keeping the number of episodes and plot points structure a Secret

Release Date and Other Consoles

Earlier Speculations were put at rest with the newly released trailer and now it looks like Final Fantasy 7: Remake could arrive sooner than we think. More updates will be available in June, meaning the game could be released before the end of 2019.

Right now, the Game is showcased a PS4 exclusive, but on seeing previous trends, it might release soon on PC, Xbox and also for the latest PlayStation 5. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Final Fantasy 7: Remake release date updates and other news.