You do everything to make sure your dog looks nice and clean. Bathing them, chipping their nails and taking them to the vet for regular health check-ups is every down owner’s responsibility. But sometimes, these innocent babies go out of control and find the muddiest pit in the lawn. They jump straight into it and return home filled with mud all over their body. Some pet parents shared the images of their not so golden retrievers on the Internet, and this is what it looks like.

“When your dog walker sends you a photo of your GOLDEN retriever”

“You don’t know how far I had to scroll to find [a picture] where he’s not muddy or wet he loves adventure!”

Someone needs a bath.

“Talent: Finding the muddiest puddle in the entire park and rolling in it”

Is it a new dog? Hmm..

“3 years later and still dipped in chocolate”

Looks like someone’s been sunbathing… in the mud.

A couple of bad boys rolled into mud.

“Well, you can be sure your retriever will remain safe if wandering into a Predator movie.”

“No shame, no regrets”

“This was at the dog park about 40 minutes from my house after I took the picture the one laying down proceeded to roll in it, get up, and run”

“Feeling cute, but idk, might roll in some mud later… “

Muddy with no regrets.

Tired but dirty.

“From a hairstylist perspective, I can say this is an EXCELLENT colour application. The saturation is perfect.”

 “I learned it by watching YOU #goldenseegoldendo”

“Our farm dogs went gopher hunting without us”

“I’ve been there. My white poodle mix’s preferred state is ‘filthy.’”