FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 Sweden vs United States – How to watch online, Who is expected to win and more details

    Sweden vs United States football women's world cup

    FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 is on and the latest match that is all set to take place is between Sweden vs United States. The two teams are rather well matched and it will be interesting to see how the contest goes down. However, the US has an advantage as it has been unbeaten in all their matches since 2011! Who did it lose to the last time? Sweden!

    Sweden vs United States football

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    Let us take a closer look at this rivalry between the two teams and see who is expected to win this time.

    Sweden vs United States: Who Is Expected to Win?

    Sweden vs United States football fifa women's world cup 2019

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    This will be the sixth time that these two teams clash. The first three matches were won by the US side, while Sweden won in 2011 by  2-1 and managed to draw the 2015 FIFA women’s world cup match. However, when it comes to the 2019 world cup, it appears that the US are strong favorites. Statistically, as per Google, there is a 67% chance of the US winning, 12% chance of Sweden winning and 21% chance of a draw!

    Sweden vs United States football how to watch online

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    How to Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 Online Livestream?

    All the matches of the FIFA Women’s World Cup are owned by Fox. The matches are broadcasted on the Fox Broadcast Channel as well as FS1. However, some games might air on FS2 as well so you need to be on the lookout for that. The Sweden vs United States football match, however, will air on FS1.

    If you want to watch the match in Spanish, then you can check it out on Telemundo. You can also watch it online using Fox Sports Go.

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