FIFA 20 Release Date

A new FIFA title called FIFA 20 Volta is on its way which is being developed by folks at EA Vancouver. FIFA is the oldest and most successful sports franchise in the history of video games.

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After seven long years, EA is finally bringing the old street football game mode back to FIFA 20.

EA has ditched its older name FIFA Street in favor of Volta Football, and it will be released alongside FIFA 20. Volta in Portuguese means return which hints towards the return of FIFA towards street football.

Ground Rules

Volta packs several modes which toughen the job of selecting the best side. But for our ease, a team’s capabilities will be judged for classic street 5-a side without refs while walls will be up and keepers in the net.

FIFA 20 Volta teams

We will rank the team on the basis of completeness of the five-man teams and one substitute.

Here we have listed all the clubs teams in the world that would be an excellent addition to the Volta Football.

  1. Manchester United
  2. Borussia Dortmund
  3. Porto
  4. Manchester City
  5. Bayern Munich
  6. Real Madrid
  7. Barcelona
  8. Liverpool
  9. Paris Saint-Germain
  10. Juventus

FIFA 20: Gameplay Changes

EA has announced several new features that will be implemented in the new title.


According to details revealed at EA Play developers have tweaked the behavior and the physics of the ball.

Developers have made several tweaks to passing, strafe drilling and penalty kicks which would require more skills as they have toned down the AI. EA has also added a time window which provides extra time to make shots.

FIFA 20: Release Date

Similar to football season, FIFA is released expected to release annually. EA has released its FIFA titles by the end of September, and they have confirmed that the game would be released on September 27.

If players have registered to EA Access player, then they will have access to the game on September 19.