Fibre Broadband from TNB is capable to deliver more than 900 MBPS speed

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TNB aka Tenaga Nasional Berhad is presently running trails over broadband on its own fibre network. According to the announcement that took place a few months ago, the pilot program is aimed at covering over 1,000 homes in Jasin Melaka.

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People all around the world are wondering as to how the fibre broadband performance of TNB has given rise to a short and sneak preview along with a speed test which is conducted in Jain’s post office.

By the looks of the tweet, it appears that the fibre broadband connection will hit as high as 935 Mbps as far as downloads and 769 Mbps as far as uploads are concerned with a ping of around 7ms.

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It is overall faster than the current top fibre connection by Unifi that grants a speed of around 800 Mbps which is currently being offered as the Turbo upgrade for the people who are subscribing to their previous plan of 100 Mbps.

As a matter of fact, these are only the trail runs at this point of time, and it cannot necessarily reflect the concluded final offering. Pos Malaysia in a tweet as expressed their utmost gratitude to Gobind Singh, Minister of Communications and Multimedia and Al-Ishsal Ishak the Chairman of MCMC to provide a very affordable as well as high-speed broadband.

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As far as actual pricing is concerned, the details of the pricing is not yet revealed. However, the speed test is quite a promising feat and if TNB manages to extend the trails of the fibre broadband to several other areas.

When the pilot program of TNB was reportedly kicked off, it was mentioned earlier that the fibre optic network played an integral part of the design of the operation’s electricity grid. The optic network plays a significant role in the telecommunications network of TNB, and at the same time, it is used for ensuring the high reliability of the electricity supply all over the nation.

Source: soyacincau

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