Fathers Day Gift 2019 last minute ideas

Every third Sunday in June, we celebrate Father’s Day. This time it will be celebrated on 16th June. This day gives you a chance to make him feel special and tell him what he means to you if you haven’t been doing that otherwise.

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Your father has always been there for you. He pampered you and got you everything you want. It’s time that you return the favor to him. Here are some last minute gift ideas for your father on this day.

#1. Delicious Lunch

Preparing a delicious lunch for your father can make him happy. Well, it doesn’t matter if it’s delicious or not; he will definitely love it. Anything would do because it is mainly the effort that counts.

Father's Day Gift 2019 last minute ideas
Credits: A Beautiful Mess

#2. Movie Time

Get your dad’s favorite movie, and make your home a movie theater. Spending some quality time with your dad will only make him happy. Grab some soft drinks and popcorn and have a good family time.

#3. Gift Plants

Gifting saplings is the best idea. It will not only make your dad happy but also help the environment. It also brings positivity along with it.

#4. Write Messages

You can always pen down your feelings and make a Father’s Day card. A handmade card would be an excellent idea.

#5. Bake a Cake

Father's Day Gift 2019 last minute ideas
Credits: Good Housekeeping

Baking a cake is not that difficult anymore. Recipes are easily available on the internet these days. You can simply take some biscuits and other ingredients to bake a beautiful, delicious cake.

#6. Pizza Party

Pizzas never fail when it comes to making people happy. So you can order in some pizzas to celebrate Father’s Day.