John Wilhelm a famous photographer has clicked these images that we are going to show you of his daughters. He was bored and done with straight photography, and decide to do something in digital manipulation. “At that point I thought it would be impossible to reach a ‘pro-level; but I stuck to the idea and was able to progress pretty quickly,” he tells us. “Fortunately there are so many cool resources out there in the web to teach yourself.”

As a child, John was always surrounded by photography, and tell us that it was a huge part of his childhood. He remembers playing in the darkroom with her sisters. His father was the founder of two photography clubs.

We just wonder how he gets this magical creative side to him. These pictures of his kids will explain to you everything about his exceptional work. “To shoot kids is easy,” he says, “but if you need them in a certain pose it gets difficult. I usually try to inspire them by telling them an interesting story about an upcoming project. We simulate the studio situation without the camera. Once upstairs in my little attic/studio, there’s often not much more time than two to three minutes before they lose their attention and motivation. Sometimes sweets can help.”

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