Harry Potter is a magical series loved by so many people, yet many failed to notice tiny details about Voldemort. But don’t worry because we have listed those details in this post for you.

Scroll down to know a few interesting moments throughout the series, and don’t forget to tell us which detail you loved the most.

Voldemort’s Robes Fade With Every Destroyed Horcrux

Voldemort’s Body Was In Godric’s Hollow Too

Voldemort Would’ve Lived Longer If He Hadn’t Been Evil

One Of The Most Devious Curses Voldemort Ever Used Was To The Curse The D.A.D.A Position At Hogwarts

Imagine If We Had Gotten This Interaction

Voldemort Was Defeated Within Twenty-Four Hours Of The Battle Of Hogwarts

Voldemort Isn’t Listed In The Credits For ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’

These Choices Are All Better Than What Voldemort Ended Up With

He Could’ve Had It All

The French Picked The Funniest Middle Name Replacement

Voldemort Definitely Is Mr. Spooky

Voldemort Relies Too Heavily On Magic

Tom’s Inability To Love May Have Been Partially Caused By The Orphanage

Voldemort Makes A Cameo As A Portrait In ‘Prisoner Of Azkaban’

All The Names We Could’ve Had

Voldemort And Harry Have Similarities In Their Names

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