The Harry Potter series is one of the well-known franchises. With so much fun, fascination, magic, interesting characters, and amazing creatures.

This movie shows how love and friendship prevail over darkness. Lord Voldemort had many engaging moments in the series, yet many fans didnt noticed a few things.

It’s hardly a massive spoiler to point out that, in the books, ‘I am Lord Voldemort’ is a nifty anagram of the Dark Lord’s prior name, Tom Marvolo Riddle. But have you ever wondered how that works out for fans reading in other languages? ‘I am’, for instance, translates in French to ‘je suis’.
his name in franchise was this Tom Elvis Jedusor.

 Check out these interesting Lord Voldemort details spotted by fans.

1. Voldemort’s Robes Fade With Every Destroyed Horcrux

2. Voldemort’s Body Was In Godric’s Hollow Too

2. Voldemort Would’ve Lived Longer If He Hadn’t Been Evil

4. Imagine If We Had Gotten This Interaction

5. One Of The Most Devious Curses Voldemort Ever Used Was To The Curse The D.A.D.A Position At Hogwarts

“TLDR:One of the most devious curses Voldemort ever used was the one to curse the D.A.D.A position at Hogwarts. It ensured that generations of upcoming wizards and witches would find it very difficult to learn defense against dark arts fully.”

“Sure they could still pursue by themselves but it will only get them so far compared to what someone like Alastar Moody could have taught them for full 7 years. We see it in the books as well. Only time Harry Potter’s batch of students is able to get proper education in D.A.D.A is when Lupin and Moody are there in Hogwarts during their 3rd and 4th years, respectively.”

“Voldemort may have cursed the position out of spite in not being able to get it, but he may incapacitated many generations of wizards and witches not having a proper education in defense against dark arts which could have led to death eaters being much more powerful than normal magical people in Britain.”

“I am mean sure there were powerful wizards and witches, like Amelia bones or Moody or anyone in Dumbledore’s Order of Phoenix.”

“But still, we do see signs of it when ministry is easily overtaken by Death Eaters. This could have been one of the causes of it happening. Think about it. New blood in the ministry not as powerful might have hastened its downfall, apart from Dumbledore’s death obviously.”

6. Voldemort Was Defeated Within Twenty-Four Hours Of The Battle Of Hogwarts

7. Voldemort Isn’t Listed In The Credits For ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’

8. These Choices Are All Better Than What Voldemort Ended Up With

9. He Could’ve Had It All

10. The French Picked The Funniest Middle Name Replacement

11. The French Picked The Funniest Middle Name Replacement

12. Voldemort Definitely Is Mr. Spooky

13. Tom’s Inability To Love May Have Been Partially Caused By The Orphanage

14. Voldemort Makes A Cameo As A Portrait In ‘Prisoner Of Azkaban’

15. All The Names We Could’ve Had

16. Voldemort And Harry Have Similarities In Their Names

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