Fairy Tail Episode 319 spoilers release date

Fairy Tail Episode 319 is going to get us one step closer to the end of the series. And you should not miss out on any episodes now. In the last episode, we finally got to know why Zeref does not like his son very much.

The previous episode also showed the origin of Larcade and hence we understood why Zerek does not like his son. Also, we saw Cana having to interfere in August and Glidart’s fight. Also, Mavis called an emergency meeting with Lucy and Gray, for Natsu’s own good.

Fairy Tail Episode 319

Fairy Tail episode 319 plot

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get down to discuss the spoilers of the upcoming episode. The upcoming episode is named ‘Emotion’. In Fairy Tail episode 319, we will see Zeref mark an emotional death for Larcade. He will show his son no mercy. And this will trigger Natsu even more and increase his anger towards Zerek. Mavis will tell Lucy and Gray to let Natsu fight Zerek. And she will commence her final plan.

Fairy Tail Episode 319 spoilers

We will also see the last moments of August when he will see a glimpse of his mother and decide not to destroy the country. In the next episode, we will also get to see some parts of Wendy and Erza as they catch Acnologia’s attention. We will also get to see characters like Christina, Jellal, and Ichiya in the next episode. So, we can see how the title of the episode completely justifies the contents of the episode.

What is the release date for the upcoming episode?

Fairy Tail episode 319 is going to release on 28 July 2019. So, let’s wait and watch how are things going to unfurl in the coming events.

Fairy Tail Episode 319 plot