Fairy Tail Episode 304 is going to air soon and the fans might have to face a dreadful possibility. There was a fight between Gajeel Redfox and Spriggan 12’s Bloodman and most probably, the former might not have survived the fight.

Recap: What happened in the previous episode?

In the previous episode of Fairy Tail, Gajeel had injured Bloodman. But Bloodman promised to bring Gajeel to the underworld with him. Gajeel tried to protest but he realized that his body transformed into bane particles.

Levy was trying to save him but she would have died if she touched him. So, is Gajeel going to return in Fairy Tail episode 304?

But, before you all jump to conclusions, we should ask you to relax. Because Gajeel is not dead. And we are certain of it. If you can recall the time when Irene had activated the Universe One magic, the geographical characteristics of Fiore had changed. Sure, it is going to affect the Fairy Tail mages in their other battles which are going on. But, this is going to save Gajeel’s life.

Fairy Tail Episode 304 spoilers

Fairy Tail episode 304 spoilers and release date

According to the spoilers for Fairy Tail episode 304, we can probably see how Fairy Tail’s each member is affected by the Universe One. Needless to say, everybody is going to be confused initially. Gajeel will probably assume that he has entered the afterlife. He had seen a mist forming around him. But, it will actually turn out to be Zera, who was one of the first fairies.

And Zera will be the one to tell Gajeel that Universe One had saved him from Bloodman. Spoilers also say that she will also tell him that he has been transported to Tenrou Island.

Also, the mages of Fairy Tale in the upcoming episode 304 are going to be muddled because of the Universe One. Zera also has the power to contact the members of the Fairy Tail through telepathy. So, Lily and Levy will also come to know about Gajeel’s survival because of this. Episode 304 is going to release on 14 April 2019.