Have you ever thought about what makes our plant so different? Or what are the things surrounding earth? Or why we have been circling the same sun for billions of years? Well, this post will satisfy some of your curious questions with edgy facts.

Scroll down to know about some exciting facts about planets that will make you say ‘Whoa’.

Scientists Have Identified 24 ‘Superhabitable’ Planets That May Be More Favorable To Life Than Earth

The Dwarf Planet Ceres Is Located Between Mars And Jupiter

It May Be Raining Diamonds On Uranus And Neptune Right Now

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Is So Loud That It Heats Up The Planet’s Atmosphere

Despite Being The Closest To The Sun, Mercury Is Not The Hottest Planet In Our Solar System

There Is A 20,000-Mile-Wide Hexagon On Saturn’s North Pole

Uranus Rotates On Its Side – Possibly Because An Earth-Sized Rock Smashed Into It

Rogue Planets Journey Through The Galaxy Unattached To Any Stars

There May Be A Giant, Ninth Planet Lurking On The Edge Of The Solar System

Yes, Every Planet Really Could Fit Between The Earth And The Moon

Earth’s Total Solar Eclipses Are Due To A Cosmic Coincidence

Earth Is The Only Planet In The Solar System Not Named After A God

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