The president of the United States Of America , falsely answered a question at a news conference related to the healing of national divides by saying that he had forced China into backing down from its plan of strengthening its manufacturing industry.

It is true that China’s growth is slowing at an alarming rate and its economic expansion is at its slowest pace for almost a decade ie…. 6.5 percent in three months that end in September however even if  in these though times China has succeeded in  maintaining a steady growth rate, it was scarcely about to eclipse US in the upcoming two years.

According to the World Bank , last year , China’s economic output sum totalled to $12.2 trillion  while the America’s economic output was $19.4 trillion .

If it is assumed that both China’s and America’s economy continued to grow at a steady pace of their last year’s rate , even then it would take about a decade  for China to surpass the United States of America.

Source: .nyt

Donald Trump stated that it was because of him finding the China’25 insulting that China got rid of it. China’25 according to president Trump means that China by the year 2025 is economically going to take over the world.

China’25 or Made in China 2025 is a 2015 government plan intended at modernizing the things manufactured in China with the intervention and support of the state. The plan had been frequently held out as an evidence by Trump’s administration proving that China gives unfair privileges to its own companies in Chinese markets over its foreign competitors.

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Maybe all the unwanted attention to the plan had forced the Chinese officials to stop referring to it by its name however there are no specific indications that the companies have either halted  or reserved their plans for the time when they have upgraded their capabilities.

Source: TheNewYorkTimes, CentralNewsNow