Reaching to your loved ones immediate was a big concern back in the day when there was no video calling. But since the evolution of the social media, a person can easily see his/her loved ones with via many social media platform and the king of the social media platforms is a preferable one out there. Recently, Facebook has unveiled a new device called Portal, with Portal you can communicate with distant friends and family.

Portal is a smart device with inbuilt Alexa serves as a bridge for a two-way conversation between people living in different corners of the world. There are two variants of Portal, namely, Portal and Portal +. The smaller Portal sports a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens camera on the front side of the device and a vivid giant 10.1-inch HD display so you can see a clearer picture of the person you’re having a conversation with at the other end. It also sports a 10W dual speakers along, and four far-field microphones are arranged in perfect sequence to grasp your voice commands swiftly at 360 degrees.


Portal+ on the other hand sports a 15.6-inch interlaced scan 1920×1080 display with a screen aspect ratio of 16:9 which can be placed horizontally or vertically given the need. The camera and the microphone arrangement is similar in both of the portal devices. Nevertheless, the Portal+ has a better sound reproduction with one inbuilt woofer and two tweeter that totals a 20W sound reproduction. The Portal has a price tag of $100 whereas the larger Portal+  will cost you $349.

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One of the distinctive features of Camera embedded in Portal is that they are powered by Artificial Intelligence which automatically zooms and pans to fit all the faces in its screen. The Portal devices work precisely like Smart Displays from JBL and Lenovo powered by Google Assistant and Amazon Echo Show.

Source : CNN