On the 11th of October,  Facebook banned many pages, several of which were operated by veteran Brain Kolfage after he had spent $300,000 on advertising.

A former Security Forces Airman-turned Architect, Brian Kolfage, on 11th of September, 2004 was on his second deployment which was in support of Iraqi Freedom Operation, where  he lost both of his legs and also his right arm after a rocket attack near his airbase. The rocket shell was of 107mm which exploded as near as about three feet from Brian. He was taken to Walter Reed medical centre where he got his new life.

Brian operated several pages on the social networking site, Facebook. Brian’s Right Wing News and Military Grade Coffee Company which has been donating 10% of the total profits generated to organizations. The page “Right Wing  News” had more than 3 million followers when it was banned.

Kolfage, in his new website stated that he is neither a conservative nor a liberal, he is an American with ingrained beliefs in what his country stands for and he has proved it by vowing to protect and fighting for his country’s greatest tenet which is free speech.

He further added that several Americans have fought for such freedom of speech and each American has enjoyed the freedoms as well until the day, October 11th, when Facebook had banned many fcebook accounts because they raised their political opinions.

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Brian says that he has invested about $300,000 in advertisements at the request of Facebook and now his income is threatened as a father and husband. He also said that he will not let this go quietly and that he will sit in the headquarters of Facebook with media if he has to and that he will expose everything they’ve done to him and his family.

Source: Zerohedge.com, Flipboard.com