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Facebook isn’t Working Enough to beat Racial Discrimination

Source: time

A former employee of Facebook who works privately with a group of racial minorities revealed in a blog that left the social network “systematic deprivation of underrepresented voices” and other frustration related to issues of diversity.

“Blacks are one of the most popular people on Facebook, but their experience is sometimes far from positive,” writes Mark Luckie, Facebook’s Global Strategy Partner Strategy Manager.
In a response via email to Reuters, a spokesperson from Facebook said that the company is working to improve the diversity of its employees.

Source: time

“When we report problems and possible micro-actions, we want to support all the employees fully, and we will do everything possible to become a truly inclusive corporation,” said the spokesperson.

Luckie revealed in a distinctive Facebook post that he saw Facebook’s moderators remove the offensive posts that black users could launch, while white people’s Facebook posts were left behind by user complaints.

He also claimed to have been discriminated in the office because colleagues sometimes keep the wallet as they walk, which is the reactionary effect of the colour of his skin.

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Luckie said that the racial discrimination of the company “is real”.

He added that black employees turned to the company’s human resources department because they thought this “frustrating model was an imitation in our imagination”.

Facebook’s shares have experienced quite some difficulty due to the revelation of operation issues as well as privacy.

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Written by Kashish Verma

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