Facebook is buying Giphy to integrate it with Instagram

he most popular social media platform, Facebook has brought a good piece of news amid coronavirus lockdown. As the social giant has decided to buy Giphy. And thus, it is integrating the massive GIF library with Instagram and other Facebook apps.

No doubt, Giphy is the largest website for creating, remixing, and sharing GIFs on the internet. Also, Facebook has already relied on Giphy’s API as a source of sharing GIFs in its apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook’s main app. Facebook also told that 50 percent of all the traffic of Giphy is driven from Facebook’s apps only. And the largest portion of which comes from Instagram.

Facebook buys Giphy

According to sources, the two giants are sealing the deal at a cost of $400 million. Under the ownership, Giphy will live as a part of Instagram. And thus, it would make sending GIFs on the social platform much easier in the stories and DMs on Instagram. However, there will be no change in Giphy for users.

People can continue accessing and uploading their GIFs on the platform. Also, the developers will continue building great content for the audience. Thus, Facebook won’t change the traditional way of using Giphy for users.

Giphy in stories of Instagram

Giphy’s API is also responsible for delivering content to other social giants like Twitter, Slack, Pinterest, Reddit, and many more. Facebook has mentioned that Giphy will continue serving those platforms seamlessly, at least for now. However, this might be alarming news for some social giants who directly compete with Facebook. Thus, they might have to find some new innovative ways to keep users hooked.