Facebook can’t possibly seem to figure out any time soon as to how it should stop profiting from the advertising categories that do not comply with its own principles of advertising given that it has thousands of employees among which there some exceptional engineering minds and the most apparent part billions of bucks. The Intercept has come up with a brand new discovery.

Source: gizmodo

The media outlet took an attempt to promote two articles on Facebook while discovering a category called specific targeting that reportedly pushes ads to those people who are the believers of ‘White Genocide Conspiracy Theory.’ Facebook’s system has allegedly identified this on its own, and in the meantime, it also offered its predefined suggestions for advertisers. One anyone chooses this category, it would feature an ad to a group which is comprised of 168,000 users.

Source: theintercept

It is evidently clear that Facebook has activity provided an extremely convenient way by helping in spread a racist myth is startling enough. The Intercept of the other hand made it very easy for Facebook to flag its own ads and then it realised that it might not be a good way of using the platform. Facebook’s ad campaigns required approval and this campaign was explicitly named as “a Test of White Supremacy.” Yet the ad went through the process of approval.

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Facebook Inc. has reportedly confirmed that the term had made its way through the process of its review back in August and the company has also termed this approval as a blatant mistake. Facebook even told to The Intercept that the targeting did not precisely violate its advertising policies a the Facebook has reportedly created the category on its own.

Source: theintercept

White Genocide, on the other hand, is a mythical concept which is usually used by the white supremacist along with different racists from all around the global warrant discrimination.