FaceApp is a new viral app that has taken the internet by storm. It has all over the web, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and everyone is posting their aged photos.

FaceApp might look like a fun, harmless app, but many are voicing their concerns over its data policy and privacy.

What is FaceApp?

The primary function of FaceApp is to age the photos of its user, making them look old.


The less talked about feature of FaceApp is its ability to turn older self into young. The app also allows the user to put a smile on the face if it was not there while snapping the photo.

FaceApp is available on iOS and Android app stores. Even though FaceApp has been available for quite some time only recently it has got its popularity.

It is the number one app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and has been downloaded more than 100,000,000 times on Android alone.

Are your photos safe with FaceApp?

FaceApp uses its servers for the processing, which means your images gets stored in the cloud. The app also has access to all your gallery as it requires you to choose the photos you want to edit.

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Many users have voiced their concern over privacy as the app is developed by a Russian. According to FaceApp photos uploaded on the server remains there for 48 hours.

However, FaceApp’s TOS allows them to store the images for much longer and do whatever they want.

Some users also accused the app of uploading their whole camera roll to its server without permission which has been proven wrong.

Can you delete your uploaded photos?

Firstly, uninstalling FaceApp from your device will not delete images from its server.

The app also doesn’t provide any option to delete your images from the cloud. All you can do right now is write an email requesting the developers to remove your photos.

Finally, if you are too concerned about your privacy, then we recommend not to use the app.